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I swear I was just hiking!

Okay. There is something that I do not understand and I wish someone could help shed the light on it for me. Why in the world would anyone want to go HIKING in a hostile area or any area that we have any type of conflict with?? Here in the last few years or so there have been numerous Americans imprisoned by other countries for “espionage” because they were hiking in an area they shouldn’t be in. Is there no more common sense nowadays?

Two gentlemen were captured on the Iraq/Iranian border while hiking. They were both sentence to 8 years in prison for espionage. I am sure that everyone is going to get in an uproar over this because all they were doing is “hiking”. What everyone forgets is the fact that they were hiking in another country!! If you do not want to get arrested and sentenced to prison over “false allegations” then I would suggest not hiking in another country; especially a country like Iraq or Iran!!!

This leads me to all the other idiotic things that people do such as sailing off the coast of Africa knowing that they are in pirate territory. They go at their own risk and disregard all warnings and common sense! Then once something bad happens they want the U.S. to come to their rescue. I say hell no! You knew better than to go hiking or even sailing in a place that is too risky yet you still go?! You went knowing the risk and consequence and I say you pay for it. Maybe then people will start getting the hint.

Before anyone starts complaining that it is wrong, all I have to say is remember that it may be wrong here or we may think it, but you are not here. They do not play by the same rules as we do and they can charge anyone for anything. It is their country and their rules. Always remember that when you leave this country you are no longer on our terms; you are on theirs…..

Does anyone else feel the same way I do and if not, why?



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