Procrastination vs Domination

26 Aug

       What is procrastination? Procrastination is the art of not doing what needs to be done until the very last-minute when you have no room for errors. If that is the case then I assume that domination is also an art, but instead it is the total opposite; knowing what needs to get done and getting out there and knocking it out ahead of time.

      Well I guess if you looked up procrastination in the dictionary then you would see my smiling face right next to it! I just got done finishing a nine page essay for my history class that is due Sunday night. “If it is due Sunday night and you finished it today then how is that procrastinating” you say? Well let me explain.

   I knew this essay had to be done this Sunday four weeks ago (oops). Considering I am in North Carolina and we have a hurricane breathing down our necks, I would say that I was taking a HUGE risk of not being able to get it completed because if the POWER goes out then I cannot get on my computer! Besides that, if my wireless goes down then I cannot submit it! Hmmmmmm…

    I had four weeks to ensure it got done and I decided to put it off until this week. Mother nature decided to throw me a curveball (probably because she knows I must be an idiot) this week. Since I am stationed here at Camp Lejeune, what do you think I was doing all week until late? I was preparing the my work area for the approaching essay killer!! Needless to say I have not been able to start my essay because I still had my house to prep.

    I finally was able to get off of work early today so that I can come home and finish prepping my house. Thank god my 15-year-old son is able to assist me with that. Once we got finish with it I decided that I HAD to finish my essay TODAY and turn it in for fear of power outage and being totally SCREWED!! I busted out nine pages on my LAST essay of the semester and got it turned in. I know it is not my best work nor is it what I wanted to turn in, but I will at least pass it and get a decent grade.

    Now that I got my essay completed and turned in, it must be time to actually relax and enjoy my house being blown down around me right? WRONG!!! I realized that the essay was not the only thing due Sunday!! So was my FINAL EXAM and discussion postings!! AAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! I finally got all of that finished and turned in. My semester is over and now I can relax and pray that the POWER does go out or else I will be PISSED for sending in such rushed work because of my stupid last-minute self!!



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2 responses to “Procrastination vs Domination

  1. ahealthybean

    August 25, 2012 at 21:57

    As a fellow procrastinator, I feel your pain! It seems the only time I properly clean my house is when I have uni work to do… all of a sudden having a vacuumed floor becomes incredibly important! Glad to hear you managed to get all your work submitted in time 🙂

    • frawgsdill

      August 26, 2012 at 00:24

      Thanks. It’s funny how we are on the ball when it comes to things that we enjoy, but put off the things that we don’t knowing we shouldn’t. All of a sudden we are trying to accomplish what would take us hours in just mere minutes. I feel your pain with the house cleaning!!!


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